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About Rachel

Hey there!

My name is Rachel. I am a self-taught photographer, a light shaper, a color chaser. I am the master of perspective, the documenter of vibrant emotions and lover of life! 

Nothing beats a good cup-a-joe in the morning, my cat purring as I scratch his neck, reading a great book, learning something new, and getting some work done in the office. I live for sweet and tight hugs, that gentle Spring breeze while capturing long exposures at a waterfall or candid moments that make me laugh out loud until I cry. 

In my past life, for about 15 years I was a physical therapist assistant working in various clinics and settings... I always felt like something was missing. Like God was preparing me for something more.

Though I love the 'rehabilitation' field, I have a knack and love for making others smile and feel alive. 

I also love the in between moments that not everyone sees. Those moments that make others stop and say,! 

Building a career in photography based upon my personal beliefs in love of family, friends, laughter, smiles and emotions has been the most rewarding and fulfilling decision I could have made for myself. 

I am fascinated by the world around me. I try to breathe deep every day, see beauty where there may not be any. I love adventure, hiking, painting, reading and learning. A total bibliophile, I probably have more books than I could read in a lifetime-- but there is a sweet catharsis being surrounded by them. Family, Friends, Fur babies, Love and Life and to be kind always are important to me. 

I look forward to hearing about you as well! Click below! 

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